Technology Experience

Boston Central Artery Third Harbor Tunnel Project

Our engineer represented the Massachusetts Highway Department on project issues related to the use of information technology. He oversaw the work of the Bechtel/Parsons Brinckerhoff office automation department. He was responsible of revising the direct expenses budget of over $1.5 million/year. He also supervised the management decisions for the same department. In addition he was responsible for reviewing any departmental strategic and major operational decisions. This includes selection of information technology systems, networks and office operation systems.Read More Boston Central Artery Third Harbor Tunnel Project

Database Management System

Peña-Alcántara provided counseling and support during the migration phase from the former manual data management system to this automated integrated system.
The construction of the databases required the retrieval and integration of different databases formats and sources.
The introduction of the new database technology required the development of a new work methodology within the Hispanic American Chamber of Commerce.
Since the implementation of the system, the Chamber has significantly increased the number of business it serves.Read More Database Management System

Integrated Accounting System

Analysis of company cash flow based on a mix portfolio of third party real estate and own real estate.
Analysis of real estate markets based on real estate expenditures and renting prices.Read More Integrated Accounting System

Multimedia Presentation for Information-Oriented Construction

Our engineer carried out the conceptualization and development of a multimedia presentation system at Kajima’s Information Processing center. He made use of Kajima’s extensive in house capabilities to work on the proactive management system.

He also interviewed engineers from the Kajima Civil Engineering Design Division and the Kajima Architectural Engineering Design Division as part of his work. He visited the following project sites: Usui Bridge (Nagano Prefecture), Sabigawa Underground Power Plant (Tochigi Prefecture), Edo-Tokyo National Museum (Tokyio Prefecture), Akashi Bridge (Hyogo Prefecture) and the Hanna Tunnel (Nara Prefecture).Read More Multimedia Presentation for Information-Oriented Construction

OMEGA ALPHA S.A., Ingeniería de Proyectos

Peña Alcántara Consultants developed a strategic solution and integration of field office performance, claim and changes performance, project controls interface with field offices, and benefit/expenditure analysis of IT implementation. In addition, our company monitored, evaluated and implemented the deployment progress of IT tools for Construction throughout the consulting project.

Further, Peña Alcántara was responsible for the creation and implementation of the Manual del Ingeniero Administrativo (MIA). Furthermore, its responsabilties included the development and implementation of a MIA WebPage as well as in CDROM including templates forms and letters for the different departments of Omega Alpha, S.A. and the PLANIEP project.Read More OMEGA ALPHA S.A., Ingeniería de Proyectos