Our Company

Peña Alcántara Consultants, Inc. is a consulting firm specializing in the use of program management techniques and information technology for the efficient development of capital programs.

Peña Alcántara combines research and development experience with industry expertise. Our consultants understand that some clients require short term solutions with high pay-offs, and that other clients require long-term solutions involving integrated analysis of current practices, future trends, and future needs.

Peña Alcántara consultants concentrate on the discovery, analysis, and development of new methodologies and technologies that improve current program management practices.

We develop self-evaluating systems that use continuous feedback. We are committed to the marriage of technology and techniques to solve a problem. We identify the dynamic aspects of the development process in order to apply the proper methodology and tools.

The dynamic nature of capital programs results in numerous, changing factors, which in turn produce surprising or unanticipated revisions to the original plan. These changes have to be managed in an efficient manner to minimize negative impacts.

We specialize in risk management to augment traditional construction tools for planning and scheduling. We approach risk management by combining traditional planning methodologies with innovative mechanisms for forecasting, controlling and minimizing the impacts of risks. Access to these techniques and tools is made possible by industry experience and ties with research universities.