Brookfield, 2401 Third Ave, Bronx, NY – Mixed-Use Development

Brookfield Properties

Project Owner

Brookfield Properties.

Project Description

Pena Alcantara Consultants, Inc is engaged by Brookfield Properties to provide experienced staff to perform the punch list for the important closeout phase of its project in the Mott Haven neighborhood, which is among the largest private investments undertaken in the borough of the Bronx.
Brookfield, 2401 Third Avenue, Bronx NY consists of three structures known as Towers A (25 stories), B (17 stories), and C (25 stories) with 458 rental units with indoor and outdoor amenities, 175 indoor parking spaces, and a community facility.

Project Cost and Duration

Value of Services: $200,000
Time Period: November 2021 – Ongoing


We provide a punch list to ensure:

  • The terms of the contract have been met;
  • The building matches their plans;
  • All changes are approved;
  • All requirements of the project are accomplished effectively.

Creating and completing an accurate punch list, when the project reaches substantial completion, is essential in delivering a successful project.