Lead-Based Paint Inspections of Public Housing Developments in New York City


Project Owner

New York City Housing Authority.

Project Description

Pena Alcantara Consultants, Inc. is overseeing the completion of lead-based paint inspections throughout various public housing developments for the New York City Housing Authority, in order to meet the new lead threshold regulations that came into effect in January 2022. We oversee contracted vendors in daily operations and ensure that inspections are completed in a timely and satisfactory manner. We act as the meeting point between NYCHA management, NYCHA residents, and vendors. We coordinate and schedule between the three to keep operations running smoothly, and ensure milestones and deadlines are met.

Project Cost and Duration

Value of Services: $800,000.00
Time Period: April 2022 – Ongoing


We offer our support by:

Providing an onsite construction project manager;

Creating and updating live schedules of inspections;

Coordinating with vendors, tenants, and building management to ensure completion of inspections.