Hyde Park High School Project

J. Slotnik Company

Project Owner

Hyde Park High School, Town of Boston, MA.

Project Description

The project consisted of the addition of a new gymnasium and complete renovation of the existing building including exterior and interior renovations, and new mechanical, electrical, data, plumbing, and fire protection systems. The project was completed in three (3) phases over a two year period.

The school building was a one story steel framed building with wood and steel roof trusses and exterior shingle and wood wall construction. Interior construction was drywall on metal stud framing with suspended acoustical tile ceilings and resilient and carpet flooring. The building was completely sprinkled and was heated by gas fired boilers with forced hot water serving roof top units and baseboard radiation.

Project Cost and Duration

Estimated $21 Million and two years period.


For the General Contractor assigned to this project, J. Slotnik Company, Peña Alcántara Consultants developed the entire As-Planned CPM schedule for the school project. This consisted of all procurement, submittals, purchases, mock-ups, sample testing and construction activities in addition to the integration of the different Subcontractors schedules: HVAC, Electrical, Sprinkler, and etc.. Our responsibilities also included the CPM progress schedules and monthly analyses and reviews in order to track progress and forecast activities.

Project Highlights

The integration of all the different Subcontractors’ schedules made this job a very challenging one.
The planning of the project was given serious thought due to the shortage of time to perform the work.

Analytical Tools

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