Duxbury Free Library Project

J. Slotnik Company

Project Owner

Town of Duxbury – Duxbury Free Library

Project Description

The project consisted of the renovation of an existing school into a library. The 36,000 sf school building posessed two story above grade and one story below grade.

Project Cost and Duration

Estimated $4.7 Million and twelve (12) months duration.


As part of the general contractor’s team, J. Slotnik Company, Peña Alcántara Consultants developed the As-Planned CPM schedule for the school project. covering all construction submittals, procurement, purchases, mock-ups, sample testing and construction activities in addition to the integration of the Subcontractors schedules: Masonry, Roofing, etc..

In addition Peña Alcántara Consultants’ responsibilities included the monthly development and issuance of a 6-week lookahead schedule, presentation of regular updates/analyses and evaluation of progress.

Analytical Tools

Primavera for Windows