NYC Borough Based Jails Program


Project Owner

New York City Department of Design and Construction.

Project Description

New York is leading a historic decarceration plan to close Rikers Island and replace it with a smaller network of safer modern jails. BBJP is creating a network of four modern, more humane jail facilities in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. The borough-based system will strengthen connections to families, attorneys, courts, medical and mental health care, and faith and community-based organizations. Being closer to home and transit will enhance the network of support systems for people who are detained and help prevent reincarceration. The new facilities will be designed to foster safety and wellbeing for both those incarcerated and for staff, providing space for quality education, health, and therapeutic programming. Modern facilities can also serve as a catalyst for positive change in the community and the broader justice system. New York City is reimagining its jails as civic assets that will provide a better life for those who are detained and work in them, support smoother transitions back home, and serve as resources for the community.

Project Cost and Duration

Value of Services: $1,240,358.40
Time Period: December 2021 – Ongoing


Pena-Alcantara is part of the AECOM-Hill Joint Venture (AHJV) supporting the outreach, communications, and community engagement of this historic project. Working closing with sponsoring agencies and the Department of Design and Construction, our services include:

  • Managing the community engagement program, including the AHJV team and sub-consultants, involving the Community Construction Liaisons CCLs.
  • Provide support for stakeholder and community engagement strategies and communication, graphics, presentations, website, and media content development and coordination.


Contact: Pauline Claramunt
Title: Community Outreach Technical Lead