Database Management System

Hispanic American Chamber of Commerce, Boston Ma.

Project Owner

Hispanic American Chamber of Commerce, Boston, Massachusetts.

Project Description

The Hispanic-American Chamber of Commerce (HACC), offers business advisory and networking support to Hispanic-owned business and institutions in the New England area.. In 1995, HACC was commissioned by the Department of Transportation with the task of providing minority owned businesses in the region with information related to transportation projects.

Peña-Alcántara Consultants was selected by the Chamber, to design, develop and implement an automated system that will allow for such project-business matching.

Project Duration

October 1995 through December 31, 1995


Peña Alcántara Consultants, designed and developed a Centralized Data Base Management System capable of doing market segmentation and data mining on a geographical basis. This system allowed the Hispanic American Chamber of Commerce to efficiently identify small businesses according to their areas of expertise and location, matching the requirements of the different Government Agencies and Contractors.

Project Highlights

Peña-Alcántara provided counseling and support during the migration phase from the former manual data management system to this automated integrated system.
The construction of the databases required the retrieval and integration of different databases formats and sources.
The introduction of the new database technology required the development of a new work methodology within the Hispanic American Chamber of Commerce.
Since the implementation of the system, the Chamber has significantly increased the number of business it serves.

Analytical Tools

MS Access
Symantek Norton’s Act2
Compuserve Information Manager