Integrated Accounting System

ALCO Real Estate

Project Owner

ALCO Real Estate.

Project Description

The project involved designing an integrated interactive and flexible accounting system and a proactive management system to serve as a decision-making tool. This management system served as an informer and as a consultant for the user. This project also involved selecting hardware and network connections to integrate all the departments of the company.

Project Cost and Duration

$30,000. The project lasted 6 months


Peña Alcántara Consultants was responsible for conceptualizing and developing the accounting and proactive management system at ALCO Real Estate. We used ALCO’s extensive in house capabilities to manage real estate and deal with payments from over 2000 real estate listings. Peña Alcántara Consultants had to integrate the cash flow from the real estate with the expenditures to maintain the real estate. The system also informed ALCO Real Estate of each real estate expenditure and the actions necessary to recoup the investment. In addition, the system gave ALCO a view of market trends in terms of quality and price of real estate based on real estate renting price and real estate improvements.

Project Highlights

Analysis of company cash flow based on a mix portfolio of third party real estate and own real estate.
Analysis of real estate markets based on real estate expenditures and renting prices.

Analytical Tools

Windows 95
Microsoft Access
Microsoft Visual C++
Novell Network 4.1