Multimedia Presentation for Information-Oriented Construction

Kajima Corporation, Information Processing Center

Project Owner

Kajima Corporation, Information Processing Center, 2-7 Motoakasaka 1-Chome, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, 107 Japan.

Project Status

The project involved the design of an integrated interactive and flexible multimedia presentation system and the conceptualization and design of a proactive project management system which would serve as decision-making tool. This management system had to serve as an informer and as a consultant for the user.

Project Cost and Duration

$50,000. The project lasted 3 months


Our engineer carried out the conceptualization and development of a multimedia presentation system at Kajima’s Information Processing center. He made use of Kajima’s extensive in house capabilities to work on the proactive management system.

He also interviewed engineers from the Kajima Civil Engineering Design Division and the Kajima Architectural Engineering Design Division as part of his work. He visited the following project sites: Usui Bridge (Nagano Prefecture), Sabigawa Underground Power Plant (Tochigi Prefecture), Edo-Tokyo National Museum (Tokyio Prefecture), Akashi Bridge (Hyogo Prefecture) and the Hanna Tunnel (Nara Prefecture).

Project Highlights

Multimedia Presentation System for Information-Oriented Bridge Construction.
Proactive Project management System.
Design Rationale.

Analytical Tools

SONY multimedia tools