Wachusett Reservoir Water Treatment Plant

Massachusets Water Resources Authority

Project Owner

Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA), Charlestown Navy Yard, 100 First Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts 02129.

Project Description

The MWRA was ordered by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) on June , 1993 to take steps to provide disinfection and filtration for the Wachusett Reservoir. The MWRA pursued alternative options for treatment (a filtration track and a non-filtration track) and treatment plant siting, with the objective of ensuring that the project achieves water quality and environmental standards at a reasonable cost. The required services included: Program Support and Administration, Water Quality Investigations, Watershed Protection Plan Evaluation, Site Selection – Interim Assessment, Solids Management Options, Topographic Survey, Geotechnical Investigation Program, Hazardous Materials, Investigation Program and Overwater Surveys, Comprehensive Draft and Final Environmental Impact Reports, Conceptual Design, and Demonstration Water Treatment Plant. The plant is now called John J. Carroll Water Treatment Plant.

Project Cost and Duration

$400 million. Project start: June 1993; Completion: 2005.


As a Senior Cost-Schedule Engineer, our engineer developed the CPM baseline schedule and prepared bi-monthly progress reports, analyses and reviews. This close monitoring of the project avoided claims, facilitating the work of both contractual parts.

Project Highlights

Change order and claim prevention.
Delay impact evaluation.

Analytical Tools

CPM scheduling with Primavera.